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Marketing research studies

Market research provides companies with essential information to make the best decisions and allocate available resources in the most efficient way possible. These represent the collection and processing of information with the intention of providing beneficiaries with concrete, measurable, tangible data about markets as a whole or certain market sectors, thus increasing the degree of certainty in making future decisions.

Data visualizations, infographics & dashboards

We analyze any data you provide us or obtained through our studies and come up with accessible, user-friendly reports on what that data means. In other words, we translate the information into the simplest possible language. Based on data interpretations, we are able to provide you with relevant conclusions and recommendations, and if we need additional help, we are not shy to call on a wide network of experts with whom we closely work with, all so we provide you with the best possible business solutions.

done Online sample
done 3 closed YES/NO questions
done Speedy delivery time of results, up to 15 days from the end of the data collection process
done Final report containing up to 10 user friendly graphs
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done Representative sample
done We determine the number of questions together so that the study is as relevant as possible
done Short delivery time of results, up to 30 days from the end of data collection process, depending on the complexity of the study
done We consult top experts in your field of activity for the final report
done Final report with user-friendly graphs, relevant statistics and informative charts
done Interactive graphics and the possibility to create a site dedicated to the public
done Full documentation along with research methodology
done Consultancy in the creation of media, scientific articles and the dissemination of the study
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Meet the team

The people behind your project's success.

Dragos Vana

Dragoș Vana, PhD

Graphs.ro Founder


Short bio

  • Has delivered proper IT solutions for over 15 years
  • Extensive website developing portfolio
  • Transformed Graphs.ro into the biggest Romanian Co-Vid dashboard
  • Now provides strategic & in-depth analysis alongside his team of researches and analysts

"I am extremely passionate about science, I have a PhD in economics and have extensive background as a website developer. Furthermore, with over 10 years of experience in the academic field, I have observed the appetite coming from both the private and public sector for quality information as a foundation for making informed business decisions. I have thus founded the Graphs.ro website to provide a simple, intuitive and visual way to shed light on hard-to-digest statistical data."


""Special Science Prize" for the whole activity during the Pandemic" - Awarded by The National Romanian Cultural Radio

“Excellency Award for "Medical Campaign of the Year"” - Given at the Romanian Healthcare Awards Gala

Tudor Niciporuc

Tudor Niciporuc, PhD

Client Service & Project Manager


Ensures communications with clients goes as smoothly as possible. Implements feedback from customers and each of their requirements throughout the project

"Being curious and dedicated to research, I obtained a PhD in marketing, which was the basis of my career in the field. I later used my knowledge to run a number of social platforms, both nationally and internationally."

Valentin Parvu

Valentin Pârvu, PhD

Chief Data Analyst


A statistics guru, he supervises, coordinates and implements data studies. Offers data interpretations

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5 reasons to work with us

1. You will receive world class and impartial consultancy, whatever your requirements

In the projects we undertake, we will always suggest the most suitable methodology to achieve your goals. Thus, you, as the beneficiary, will enjoy objective, correct and reliable results.

2. We treat each client as if it was our own company

We love what we do and we put our heart and soul into every project and act as if the company that contacted us was our own business. We like to think that we are serious in every aspect of our behavior and always take on what we know we can accomplish.

3. We fully commit to the entire project

We fully commit to the budget targets, the delivery time and the results provided. The customer always comes first and will always be highly valued in our organization.

4. Multi-disciplinary, highly qualified team

The educational and professional background of our team is varied, which means that we are able to have unique, innovative approaches, to offer customized solutions for your project. By calling us, you have the guarantee that you will receive solutions optimized for your requirements and not the standard, one-size-fits-all solution.

5. We have proven, undeniable and solid experience

The countless media outlets that have picked up our graphs and statistics speak for themselves.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, we have compiled a list of the most common questions we have received from our customers. We tried to provide simple, to-the-point answers that everyone could understand.

We are interested in the specifics of your project, give us as many details as possible (i.e. what you are looking for in the market study, what you would like to find out), the target audience of the organization you represent, but also the period in which you want the study to take place.
The answer to this question is given by the complexity of the project. In the case of a simple market research or Omnibus, we usually deliver the results within 15 days from the end of the data collection, and in the case of complex research projects, the delivery time can reach up to 30 days.
The most important part is obviously the analysis and interpretation of the data, our conclusions and recommendations (after all, that's what you pay us for).

However, you will also receive the entire research report, together with all the tools used by us in the research process - the databases with the raw answers, the questionnaires used, the audio/video recordings (if they are focus groups) or the telephone interviews. Total transparency, that's how we like to work.
For us, effective, clear and regular communication is one of the most important staples. Of course, you'll always be kept up-to-date with everything that's happening at every stage of your project, and if necessary, we won't hesitate to ask for your consent or opinion.
Definitely, yes! We comply with the GDPR and our standard service contract includes a special section related to data privacy – we will not betray this clause under any circumstances. In addition, all our contributors sign a confidentiality clause, agreeing not to disclose any information they come in contact with.
As a beneficiary, you will have the opportunity to validate the research tools before we begin data collection. In other words, the methods and questions formulated in the research will be determined by mutual agreement, exclusively in your interest, the beneficiary.

Our trained eyes constantly check the accuracy in the validation of the questionnaires and if the methodology is not respected, don't worry, the questionnaires are promptly redone.
Market studies essentially represent a detailed analysis of the viability of the idea for which you want to access European funds. This study is necessary to know the field in which you operate, the market as a whole or a certain sector and to be able to keep track of the risk factors you face.

Most projects with non-reimbursable funds have as their foundation a market study that will justify the need and importance of the funds attracted. Whether you represent a private company, a public institution or an NGO, you are in the right place. It is much easier to contact us for the preparation of a market research. Basically, you tell us what the funds are needed for, and we research the market and help you justify the financing of your project.

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