JSON Data Romania New Coronavirus

All the data used for this website is being turned into a JSON feed for you to download and use however you wish as long as you credit the source. We have collected the data from official sources - The Romanian Ministry of Health and make an effort to keep it accurate and up to date. Please keep in mind that this website is not affiliated with any official Romanian Government Institutions.


  • Data is updated daily around 1 PM GMT as per when it is released.
  • Where data appears as 'null', there is no official data that we could collect.
  • All data is organized by date, starting with the latest update.
  • Field names are pretty self explanatory.
  • Please do not abuse the system and pull data every minute or you run the risk of getting blocked by our automated systems. Once of twice a day should suffice. Please also cache the data to your servers and do not leech it for live content, this is not an API.
Access JSON here

Access Vaccination Data JSON here

Also, a light version with just today's data:

Access light JSON here